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the end of semester is so near.. and i still have a lot of work to settle before the year-end holidays come.

what i have gone through this year was so overwhelmingand even thinking over it was also exciting.

i took 3 months maternity leave, nursing my lil baby, having a new workplace, and facing the most testing rascals through the number of years i have been in my line of work.

those things make me smile or make me sigh sometimes. just that i try to make sure i forget the bads and go to sleep with clear head and start fresh the next morning

.2012, i am nervous to meet you.
but meanwhile i want to spend my time and money shopping at every year-end sale hehehe while 2011 is lasting.


Reality check by Ain Twitty @ 7:18 PM, ,

love love love

i'm a mother now, umm... YAYYYYYY!!!

finally Allah answered my prayers, thanks to Allah.

now, when my husband is away at work, i spend my evenings with my little Pearl or Wani. i love her so dearly.


Reality check by Ain Twitty @ 12:14 PM, ,

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I am a person who used to write a lot when i was growing up but lost the passion to it because of the time constrain and other commitments. writing itself for me was a form of catharsis when i was in school. i was devoted to my diaries each year then.

Now i am starting again and making it as a companion through my journey along the routes i take

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This blog is a personal blog where i put my personal thoughts basically about my daily life, my life at work, my kids in the classes i teach, my dreams, my hobbies through art, music, colours and perhaps photography.

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    I'm Ain Twitty From Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia i love anything cute. i am learning to - make sofa slipcovers - be a mom - be more organized - eat healthily I am excited with - new things in life - cooking shows - better homes and gardens magazines - extra cash for saving
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